HE WANTED IT ALL AND WOULD STOP AT NOTHING TO GET IT! Desirable, scheming, amoral, Dana Colburn is loved by three men.Her adoptive brother, Gary, a publisher of erotic fiction and soft porn, returning from the USA to the country of his birth to buy a business, hopes to meet up with Dana whom he hasn’t seen since the split up of his parents when he was a teenager. His motives may be less than pure.Her publishing executive husband, Terry Huntley, father of her two children, talented yet weak, willing to turn a blind eye to the infidelities that enable them to live in luxury. Willing, that is, until now. Her lover, Nicholas Darcey, educated thug with connections in the upper echelons of government that place him beyond the reach of the law. His Svengali-like hold over Dana is absolute; her submission to his will is unconditional and infinite.Gary soon discovers that Dana is a willing pawn in an extortion racket and that the law is closing in on her. His efforts to save her from the consequences of her folly prompt a clash of interests and emotions and a ‘survival of the fittest’ contest in which no one is guaranteed to emerge the victor.